Safety first- Safety is the first part of our job.

All materials from our high ropes course are processed and comply with safety guidelines and common standards. The ropes course was designed and built according to the Austrian industry standard for the construction and operation of Ropes Courses.

Main features of these standards are:

  • At least 8-fold static oversizing cord.
  • Prior to each operation of the high ropes course, all relevant safety materials are checked with help of the operating manual. This includes the inspection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Furthermore, the high ropes course is continuously tested and maintained according to the ÖNORM.
  • The trainers were trained according to the current safety guidelines and tested in their qualification. Ongoing training guarantees the current and the latest state of safety technology.
  • The participants are only allowed in the course after a thorough instruction by our qualified trainers and the positive completion of the enrollment course. Our safety concept (via ferrata system) enables continuous and permanent protection.
  • However, your own responsibility is also required and our high ropes park regulations, the instructions and training guidelines must be adhered to.

Our high rope parks have the highest possible safety standard at the moment!

  • TÜV examination.
  • Trainer training by the carrier association. OeAV, DAV, VÖBS, VDBS.
  • Only one carabiner can be opened at one time within our high ropes course. While a carabiner is open, the 2nd will automatically lock. An accidental and simultaneous unhooking of both carabiners is thereby prevented.