For individual guests
Registration is not required at regular opening times:
Reservations at opening times are only possible for groups of 10 or more.

Reservations outside of the opening hours:
Reservations outside of the opening hours are possible with a minimum of €220 and is possible year round.

Supervision of children under 14 years old:
All children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian (at least 16 years of age) with a maximum of 3 children to 1 adult. Special regulation for children groups and school classes.

Duration of stay:
If you plan to join us, please plan for at least 3 hours.

Information for groups of children and school classes:
We can only grant exceptions in case of an early reservation, so that we can organise the increased staff required.

Gift Vouchers:
These can be obtained from our respective high ropes parks on site, or can be ordered through our webshop.